Revitalising Clean-Water : Brand Refreshment Announcement

We’ve got exciting news to share today. Clean-Water has a refreshed look!

Clean-Water with a dream to create a Healthier world for our future generation through the power of innovative water engineering solutions.

As we continue to grow the Clean-Water family (Check out our new product; FloatingIslands), expand our areas of focus, and update core service experiences, we want our brand to best reflect why we exist, what we believe in, and where we’re headed.

Like many other startups, we grew up quite fast. Our primary brand was developed while we were still establishing what we were as a service. We wanted the brand to reflect our expanded competence and share our vision of creating an Healthier world.

The updates show the evolution of our company since it’s founding and pave the way for how we’re moving forward. Clean-Water is not only the brand name of Sustainable Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd., but also, it is what is required today.

Clean-Water has become the most pressing need of today and the water sector needs a revolution and a mass movement to counter the problems facing mankind today.

With unplanned urbanization and no awareness on disposal of waste has led us to the alarming situation today. People around the globe today are facing a massive crisis which is of our own making.

The founders of the organization realized that Clean-Water is going to be the biggest challenge in the times to come. We classified the problem into two categories – Water Scarcity & Water Pollution so as to offer direct solutions for both of them. We realized that both the problems would have to be solved simultaneously and therefore we tailor our solutions in such a way to enable transformation in the water sector.

Clean-Water began as a consulting firm in the water sector and is now offering in-house developed products to contribute to the transformation required in the water sector. Clean-Water offers consulting services in the following sectors:

Water-Body Restoration

Water-Bodies such as lakes, rivers, marshes, wetlands are essential for survival of human race. Restoring them to their pristine state is very important. Not only do we need Clean-Water but we also need to restore the ecological cycle. The role of each bacterial, micro-organism, insects, birds, fishes is irreplaceable. Without them, the entire human race would perish in a matter of months.

Learn More About Water Body Restoration

Waste-Water Treatment

Waste-Water Treatment is necessary so that we treat, recycle and reuse the wastewater at the source of pollution. This water currently is been discharged in water-bodies and groundwater and is therefore polluting the environment. Waste-water infrastructure not only solves the problem of Water Pollution but also solves Water Scarcity since it provides water to be reused for gardening, flushing, etc. This reduces the overall fresh water demand as well and thus affects water scarcity.

Learn More About Waste Water Treatment

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting is the most cost-effective and necessary step needed today. Rainwater that falls on earth should not be allowed to run-off. It should be captured in lakes, ponds, tanks, reservoirs. It should be allowed to replenish the depleting groundwater. RWH needs to be done on household level to a city level. This technique to capture and store water is far more cost-effective and simple as compared to expensive technologies such as Desalination.

Learn More About Rain Water Harvesting

Our newly launched product – Floating Islands by Clean-Water

Floating Islands mimic nature’s process and provide wetland effect to water-bodies to clean the water. FIs provide habitat to organisms such as invertebrates, insects, fishes, birds, etc to restore the ecological cycle.

Floating Islands are available in different product variants to suit all kinds of needs. Our islands are optimized for bio-film development ensuring maximum water treatment per unit area. Our islands are engineered to provide the best quality, long life to endure what nature has to throw at it.

Water problems are escalating day by day and are affecting the lifes of more then billion people world-wide. Water related agendas are missing from election manifestos. Capitalism driven economies are brushing the agenda of the environment under the carpet.

Clean-Water wants to bring forth a revolution in the water sector and plans to raise Alarm Bells. We aim to provide the young and the educated alarming data in the water sector which they surely can’t snooze. We aim to catalyze public dialog in this sector which will eventually lead to formation of new systems and processes which will help solve this problem.

We implore the people to do their part in raising awareness and catalyzing change. We ask people to dig up and share data related to alarming situations of water.

Much more to come – onward, team!

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