Would Kashmir Be The Ground Zero for a World Water War?

Across the world, rising population, shrinking lakes and depleting groundwater is causing water resources to diminish. It has brought us today to the brink of a World Water War.

For every Indian today, we have about 15 Lakh Liters of water available per Year. This includes everything, the water supplied to our homes, water for growing crops, water sent to industries to make products for us, etc.

Graph showing Per Capita Water Availability (Lakhs Liters of water per person per year) of India and Pakistan since 1951 to 2011.

It has come down from 53 Lakh Liters in 1951 to 15 Lakh Liters today. Anything below 17 LL is termed as Water Stressed and anything below 10 LL is termed as Water Scarce. So India is a water stressed country.

Pakistan’s water situation is worse. Pakistan currently sits at 10 LL which is right on the mark of water scarcity.

Both the country’s populations are increasing uncontrollably. The lakes are shrinking; the groundwater is depleting and receding further down; thereby compounding the problem further.

So, this is the background of the water scarcity the 2 neighboring countries face. Recently, India threatened to stop the flow of rivers flowing from India to Pakistan as a counter-measure against terrorist attacks in Pulwama, Kashmir.

Picture: Reuters // Baglihar Dam on the Chenab River, which flows from India-controlled Kashmir into Pakistan. A water war could be catastrophic to the hundreds of millions of people in India and Pakistan who depend on river water.

Imagine stopping major rivers from entering a country with water scarcity. Imagine the number of people affected. Livelihoods of millions of people would be destroyed. Imagine the diseases caused and the deaths that would occur if India does this. Conservatively estimated, 0.1% of the population can die if India does this. For Pakistan (Population 20Crores), 0.1% means 2 Lakh People.

Pakistan military knows that India’s military is stronger than theirs but can they sit and do nothing? Their hand would be forced into action.

The rivers that India threatens to stop originate in China, flow into Kashmir and into Pakistan. What would China do when India threatens to stop rivers flowing into Pakistan. It would try to stop it from entering into India in the first place.

China (1st), India(2nd), Pakistan(6th) together account for 40% of the World’s population today. When these countries go to war, would the other nations of the world be able to sit quietly? Other nations would have vested interests in this fight and would also join the fight in some manner.

Therefore, this is no longer a fight between neighboring nations but Kashmir is Ground Zero for World Water War -1.

We can no longer sit quietly and ignore this matter. We have to stop this World Water War 1 somehow.

Clean-Water is on a mission to Raise awareness on these issues so that we together can save this war from happening.

Help us Raise & Share these Alarm Bells and let’s make a world a little better every day.

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