“77% of urban’s India sewage generated remains untreated”

India generates a stumbling 1.7 million tonnes of faecal waste a day.

Source: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE)

Sewage Treatment Status of Urban India

More than 77 percent of sewage generated in India is untreated and enters water bodies like rivers, resulting in pollution and making it unfit for human consumption.

Image: Reuters // Rising level of water pollution in India due to untreated sewage
water directed to rivers.

In a highly water-stressed environment, the inefficient use of wastewater is leaving India unable to make the most economical use of its resources.

No improvement over the years; towns, cities pollute their own water

– Says Experts

For All Class 1 Cities combined (population >1Lacs), the current infrastructure is setup for only 23% of the sewage generated.

For Class 2 Cities (50,000<Population<1 Lac), the infrastructure is present only for 5% of Sewage generated.

The status of sewage treatment in India is alarming. The following data has been taken from the Website of Central Pollution Control Board, India.

Sewage generation and treatment in Class I cities and Class II towns (2001 population basis)
(MLD: Million Litres per Day)

Articulated differently, if all these treatment plants would work at their maximum efficiency, still 77% of the Sewage would go untreated in our lakes, rivers and drains.

But since many of these treatment plants do not function properly and a lot of water is lost in transit in the pipelines, experts believe that 90% of the Sewage in Urban India goes untreated.

Wastewater Treatment & Recycling could be a Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity For India To Avoid The Impending Water Crisis

Source: Dettol-NDTV Banega Swatch India

With India being the one of the biggest consumer of freshwater today, accounting for about 750 billion cubic metres annually, according to the World Bank.

Wastewater recycling and sewage treatment in India could become an industry worth billions, with proper participation of governments, urban and local bodies and small industries

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