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About Us


“Water is the most important element of life”
“More than 70% of the diseases are water borne”
“Less than 1% of water available on earth is fit for human use “

The purpose of birth of Clean-Water is to develop a safe and sustainable environment by providing technology and engineering solutions to treat water.

The population and the city sprawl grew at a such a tremendous pace in the past century that the infrastructure required to sustain this growth simply could not catch up. The pristine lakes and rivers around which the people chose to settle, got neglected and have become polluted. This unsustainable growth has also caused several rivers to dry up and few of them have stopped reaching the sea.

Clean-Water realizes that for sustainable development, these polluted water bodies need to be restored to their original pristine state. In addition to this, the pollution generated from this point onward has to be treated at source and prevented from once again entering these water-bodies. Clean-Water wants to play its part in developing the required infrastructure for humanity to sustain the water resources by being the technology provider and the execution partner.



Clean-Water believes that treating wastewater at source and reusing it efficiently is the most important element of managing water resources in a sustainable manner. Clean-Water intends to work with individuals, organizations & governments to equip them with wastewater treatment plants for industries, residential communities, schools, hotels, hospitals, etc.


Today, less than 30% of the sewage generated in India gets treated. Clean-Water wants to ensure that all the sewage that is generated gets treated at source and gets reused, by setting up Sewage Treatment Plants and Effluent Treatment Plants at places of extensive water usage.


Clean-Water wants to reduce the daily requirement of fresh water in urban areas, currently around 135 litres per capita per day, by 50% to about 65 litres per capita per day. The water demand in urban areas is expected to go up by around 60% in the next 15 years. Clean-Water aims to build such an infrastructure to cater to this growth in water requirement such that this requirement is met without additional water been drawn from already depleting water bodies.


The team of Clean-Water is a great balance between the young-energetic engineers from IITs and the experienced veterans from the environment and real-estate sectors.The Clean-Water team is driven by the passion to restore a safe and healthy environment. Each team member feels a sense of responsibility towards the world and the community and wants to contribute in overcoming the obstacles in the water sector.


We measure success not by the money we earn but by the amount of water we are able to treat and reuse.


We at Clean-Water believe that constant research and innovation propels the company forward. With Clean-Water you can be rest assured that the at your next project, we will deliver a better, cheaper and a more compact solution than the last project.


Clean-Water treats every person trying to solve problems in the water sector as its team member. We are always on the lookout of people who are:

1. Raising awareness to solve water related problems in various geographies around the world
2. Researching and innovating to consistently come up with better technology and engineering solutions
3. Young, talented and energetic people who feel a sense of responsibility towards the world and want to dedicate their lives to solve problems.