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Effluent Treatment Plant

Effluent Treatment Plant

An Effluent Treatment Plant helps you clean the toxic and chemical waste which may not be possible by means of a Sewage Treatment Plant. An  TP ensures the wastewater is treated to a level where it is fit for reuse or for direct discharge into groundwater or water-bodies. A variety of toxic materials like pharmaceuticals, acids, plastics, detergents, heavy metals, pesticides, etc may be present in the effluent discharged. Therefore a detailed analysis of the pollutants in the effluent needs to be done before designing the ETP.


General Areas of Application: Complex Organic Chemical Industries, Power
Plants, Food Industry, Mines & Quarries, Nuclear Industry, Pulp-Paper


If you have a requirement of a ETP, please contact us, we will:
1. Meet you and understand your requirement
2. Select a technology and design the best customized solution for you
3. Construct and commission the ETP
4. Operate & Maintain the ETP

Effluent Treatment Plant

Process of Water Treatment

Clean-Water offers the biggest set of water treatment technologies from which it selects a technology which best suits your particular requirements. If you wish to understand how the wastewater is getting treated, have a look at the technology videos below.