Our Story

Making World a little better everyday through the power of engineering.

Creating a Healthier world for our future generation through the power of innovative water engineering solutions.

To make a bright future possible for all.

Established in 2016, Clean-Water is a Young and Innovative company, founded by IIT – Bombay Alumni with its headquarters in Indore, India.

Clean-Water aims to create sustainable solutions for a better future so as to solve the problems of water scarcity and water pollution

Lives enriched everyday
Liters of water treated every hour
Cities Served Till Date

Water is the most
important element of life

We refer to water as life because it is an important element for all living things. No living creature on earth can survive without water. The sole purpose of birth of Clean-Water is to develop a safe and sustainable environment by providing technology and engineering solutions to treat water.

More than 70% of the diseases are water borne

The population and the city sprawl grew at a tremendous pace in the past century that the infrastructure required to sustain this growth simply could not catch up. This unsustainable growth has also caused several rivers to dry up and few of them have stopped reaching the sea.

Less than 1% of water available on earth is fit for human use

Clean-Water realizes that for sustainable development, these polluted water bodies need to be restored to their original pristine state. Clean-Water wants to play its part in developing the required infrastructure for humanity to sustain the water resources by being the  technology provider and the execution partner.


Clean-Water is on a mission to create a deep positive contribution towards industry, society and environment through our innovative technology solutions, products and services.


A healthier environment for our future generation’s through the power of innovation, technology and engineering while creating a deep positive contribution to society.


Clean-Water is committed to meet and exceed customer’s expectations with continuous improvement on process, Defect free product quality and exceptional customer service.

Leverage our experience and expertise to find the best solution to your water challenge.