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Water Body Restoration

Water-bodies have become polluted due to industrialization and urbanization. Clean-Water uses a multi-pronged approach to ensure comprehensive restoration of water-bodies. We envision a world where water-bodies are not sewage carriers but an asset to be cherished. Clean-Water not just provides water treatment at water-bodies but complete ecological restoration of habitat and bio-diversity.

Waste Water Treatment

Wastewater & Sewage water is the ultimate untapped resource. Clean-Water’s approach is to see this as an opportunity, not as a burden. Clean-Water provides complete water treatment solutions with the latest technology and process. By treating wastewater, we ensure that it can be reused thereby reducing the overall fresh water demand. Treating wastewater solves the problems of water pollution and water scarcity simultaneously.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is an efficient way to accumulate and store rainwater for reuse. Rainwater Harvesting ensures that maximum water during monsoons is captured and stored underground thereby reducing runoff downstream. Clean-Water envisions a world where urban centers are not dependent on distant sources for their water demands and are self-sufficient through efficient rainwater harvesting.

Our Commitment

Customized process design

Each project caters to unique challenges and thus, a tailored approach is required for solution formulation.

End-to-end solutions

Our in-house technical and managerial prowess has helped us to deliver high-end turnkey environmental projects.

High quality

With our vast experience, Clean-Water brings only the highest quality of environmental services to our clients.

Cost effective solutions

Combining service excellence with cost effectiveness to help our clients achieve efficient scale of savings and operation.

Timely project execution

Clean-Water value theirs clients time and ensures that all needs are met within the planned timeframe.

Innovative Process

Constantly striving to Innovate & Grow with each and every project to utilize resources to full potential.

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Leverage our experience and expertise to find the best solution to your water challenge.