Rain Water Harvesting

Solutions to Capture, Store & Use Water from Monsoons

Replenishing Ground Water for Everyone

Rainwater Harvesting is an efficient way to accumulate and store rainwater for reuse throughout the year. Rainwater from roofs & other runoffs can be stored in underground acquifers or surface ponds and lakes.

Clean-Water is committed to optimize cost by creating a well-designed and integrated rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater harvesting benefits include:

  • Reduced consumption of fresh water from outside.
  • Reduced water bills and demand on existing water supply.
  • Requires low upfront capital investment


Clean-Water possesses deep experience to build modern & efficient rainwater harvesting systems – properly managed and maintained – are completely safe and yield good quality water.

Rain Water Harvesting Structures






Rooftop Water Filters

Our Commitment

Customized process design

Each project caters to unique challenges and thus, a tailored approach is required for solution formulation.

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Our in-house technical and managerial prowess has helped us to deliver high-end turnkey environmental projects.

High quality

With our vast experience, Clean-Water brings only the highest quality of environmental services to our clients.

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Clean-Water value theirs clients time and ensures that all needs are met within the planned timeframe.

Innovative Process

Constantly striving to Innovate & Grow with each and every project to utilize resources to full potential.

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