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Water-Body Restoration


Every water-body is different from the other. The treatment mechanism
for a lake & a stream vary vastly from each other. The type of pollutants, variation in water flow across day and seasons, slopes, contours and other geographic conditions have to be considered before designing a solution for the water-body.


No matter how carefully the water is managed in an urban area, the surrounding water bodies are bound to get polluted from time to time. Clean-Water takes all these parameters into account and designs a solution which restores the water body to its virgin state and safe  or humans, animals, fishes and other livestock.


Clean-Water ensures that the water body been restored is done via practices which mimic the behavior of how nature cleans it-selves. Through floating plantation beds we cultivate friendly bacteria which eat up the pollutants present in water. The rivers in the hills areas cleanse themselves better by constantly infusing oxygen with the help of uneven terrain. We infuse oxygen artificially into the polluted water bodies to help the friendly bacteria do their work.


Clean Water bodies are our gift to the coming generations very essential to the survival of human race. Clean Water bodies not only look beautiful but have their part to play in maintaining hygiene and controlling diseases.

Process of Water Treatment