Restoring of Water Bodies

Many rivers, lakes, ponds and other water bodies across the world are victims of urbanization and are polluted beyond their self-recovery capacity. Untreated sewage, debris and dumping of garbage into water bodies lead to incursion of pollutants, thereby adversely impacting the water quality.

Clean-Water offers its innovation and expertise in sustainable restoration of polluted water bodies with the demonstrated capability in the field through some of the most challenging projects in our portfolio.


Floating Islands, An Innovative Product by Clean-Water provides ecological habitat and a natural tool for improving water quality by mimicking nature’s process.

Restoration Methodology

Based on the extent of pollution, source of pollutants and other project-specific considerations, we follow a tailored approach to restore water bodies by a combination of the following processes;

Gross Pollutant Trap

Oil & Grease Removal

Silt Removal

Forced Aeration/Oxygenation

Root-zone Treatment

Clarification at Check Dam

Our Product - FloatingIslands

Floating Islands are available in different product variants to suit all kinds of needs. Our islands are optimized for bio-film development ensuring maximum water treatment per unit area.

Our islands are engineered to provide the best quality, long life to endure what nature has to throw at it.


Our Commitment

Wastewater Treatment

Harnessing a Valuable Resource

Wastewater when treated helps:

  1. Prevent water pollution in water-bodies,
  2. Prevents Diseases & Adverse effect on ecological Habitat,
  3. Provides bio-gas to be re-used,
  4. Provides Digested sludge to be used as manure.
  5. Provides clean water to be reused thereby reducing your daily demand for fresh water.
Wastewater Technologies
  • Aerobic Technology – MBBR – Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
  • Anaerobic Technology – Vortex


Our key expertise covers consulting, conceptualization to commissioning of new waterworks as well as revamping of existing facilities to utilize and expand the capacities.

Wastewater Treatment Processes

Clean-Water offers comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions to ensure reliable and safe to reuse treated water. We combine physical, chemical and biological methods to ensure that the wastewater treatment plants are easy to use and involve low operation and maintenance

Process Chart: Aerobic biological treatment

Video: Aerobic biological treatment

Process Chart: Anaerobic biological treatment

Video: Anaerobic biological treatment

Our Commitment


Each project caters to unique challenges and thus, a tailored approach is required for solution formulation.


Our in-house technical and managerial prowess has helped us to deliver high-end turnkey environmental projects.


With our vast experience, Clean-Water brings only the highest quality of environmental services to our clients.


Combining service excellence with cost effectiveness to help our clients achieve efficient scale of savings and operation.


Clean-Water value theirs clients time and ensures that all needs are met within the planned timeframe.


Constantly striving to Innovate & Grow with each and every project to utilize resources to full potential.