Floating Islands – A Green Solution for Restoring Water Bodies

Water-bodies across India are in a terrible state and in need of restoration. Floating Islands have come up as a prospective solution for lake restoration. This document presents the poor condition of the water-bodies in India, analyzes Floating Islands as a prospective solution and compares it to other solutions to restore water-bodies across India. After […]

The Need for Waste-Water Treatment in India

How big is the Problem? Together, India’s largest cities generate more than 38,254 million litres of sewage each day. Of this, it is estimated that less than 20-30% per cent of what is collected undergoes treatment before it is disposed into freshwater bodies or the sea. Worryingly, these figures exclude sewage generated in informal settlements […]

Why we need to invest in sustainable water management

The planet faces a 40 percent shortfall in water supplies in 15 years due to urbanisation, population growth and increasing demand for water for food production, energy and industry, the United Nations said on Friday. Competition for water between water-thirsty sectors means better management is essential to ensure everybody gets the water they need, said […]

India’s plan to clean up the Ganga River is flawed, say experts

Five months ago Narendra Modi swore to clean up the Ganga – India’s most sacred river – during his election campaign for prime minister. In fact, he chose Varanasi as his parliamentary seat, the holy city in India where the river Ganga is worshipped by millions of people. And now the Modi-led government is finalising […]