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Welcome to Clean-Water

Welcome to Clean-Water

We create sustainable solutions that restore, conserve, and protect our water bodies and their ecosystems.

Our mission is to create a sustainable future by addressing water pollution and scarcity through innovative biological techniques and highly engineered products.

We forge robust partnerships with governments, private institutions, and communities to co-create bespoke solutions that address local needs while aligning with global sustainability objectives. Our focus on nature-based solutions allows us to harness the power of the environment, leveraging natural processes and ecological restoration to restore and protect water bodies. By integrating cutting-edge technologies with our deep understanding of ecosystems, we strive to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions that ensure water security and a thriving environment for future generations.


Navigating Water Pollution and Water Scarcity

Navigating Water Pollution and Water Scarcity

Water pollution and water scarcity are interconnected challenges that demand urgent attention.

Rapid industrialization, improper waste disposal, and agricultural runoff have led to severe contamination of our water bodies, disrupting delicate ecosystems and threatening public health. This degradation of water ecosystems has far-reaching consequences, including the loss of biodiversity, destruction of habitats, compromised access to clean drinking water, and depletion of local water resources, exacerbating water scarcity in our communities.

From the detrimental effects of eutrophication caused by excessive nutrient runoff to the harmful impact of industrial effluents on our water bodies, we understand the complexity and severity of these problems. Through innovation, determination, and an ardent understanding of the environment we have developed sustainable solutions to address these pressing issues.

Together, let's create a future where clean water is abundant and our ecosystems thrive


Innovative Water Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future

Innovative Water Infrastructure for a Sustainable Future

Clean-water exemplifies a marriage between modern waste-water treatment techniques and nature based solutions for a water positive future. Our solutions are deeply inspired by natural ecosystems, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the environment while also contributing to groundwater preservation and fostering sustainability.

We offer floating islands in different shapes, sizes, and materials, incorporating specialised wetland plants and bio media for bioremediation. These islands are unique in their use of biomedia which enable the development of biofilms of friendly bacteria that take up excess nutrients upto 4 times faster than plants. The islands also serve as habitats for various species of aquatic animals, insects and birds ensuring the development of a robust ecosystem.

Alongside the islands, our floating aerators facilitate efficient water mixing, improving oxygen levels for a healthier aquatic ecosystem while reducing loss of water to evaporation.

We also provide bacterial solutions to tackle eutrophication quickly and safely, curbing the spread of algal blooms and other species such water hyacinths.

Our solutions are backed by rigorous scientific research and understanding. We combine the principles of bioremediation, ecological restoration, and sustainable engineering to create effective and nature based solutions.

Process of Implementing

From Vision to Reality

At CW, we are committed to fostering healthy ecosystems and promoting a sustainable future through meticulously implemented solutions. We work closely with our partners to understand their unique challenges and develop tailored strategies that align with their goals. Our team of experts oversees the construction and installation of the chosen interventions, ensuring seamless execution. Once implemented, we monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our solutions, making necessary adjustments to optimize performance.

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Rohini Pradeep

Subject coordinator -R&D,Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination Society

We are working with Clean-water for one of our R&D; project from past one year. The Main thing that we have experienced with Clean-water is their eagerness for innovation and commitment to work taken by them. We wish them all the best

Manoj Kundu

Manager Services,Shapoorji Pallonji Co. Pvt Ltd.

Clean-Water gave us an cost & space concern effective solution for STP at Shiva Statue project, Nathdwara. They promptly dealt with the issues that arose while installing and commissioning of the STP. I will be happy to recommend them for Water treatment Projects.

Dr. Jaishree Sikka

HOD Botany,Gujarati College, Indore, India

Clean-water is a group of young, energetic and enthusiastic professionals who are committed to find sustainable solutions for better management of polluted water. It is the need of the hour to provide such solutions to address the environmental problems.

Clean water provides nature based solutions for water quality improvement and ecological restoration.








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